Changing our View of Women

Are men and women’s roles in society changing?

” . . . as women now dominate consumer purchasing to such a degree, companies have started simply referring to consumers with the pronoun SHE.”

By Justine Castellon

In Bridget Brennan book Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching The World’s Most Powerful Consumers, she stated that if the business world had a sex, it would be male; if the consumer economy had a sex, it would be female. In simple translation: men create the products and women buy them.

One of the major contributions that women make to the economy is through buying things. They play a prominent role in buying almost everything that provides sustenance for home and environment. Most studies show that women are responsible for buying 80% of household goods. While this is often played down and still subject to some debate, however, it is clear that women have a great deal of influence in the economy as consumers, in other words, a lot of spending power by simply looking at the demographic of store traffic and consumer information of the one who buys.




It’s difficult to estimate how much women spend as a global consumer but we all know that they are in charge of billions of different currencies in direct spending. They are also an important influence on other family members’ buying habits. Women also invaded the industry dominated by men such as automotive industry. They are responsible for the purchases of cars and influence automotive purchases. Influence means that if the woman doesn’t like a car’s color or seat cover, or if she’s not satisfied with the salesman, the couple (if she has a husband or a boyfriend) walks out of the dealership empty-handed. Women not only have money, they have veto power. It’s the most powerful buying behavior in the consumer economy.


As the female population all over the world continue joining the workforce—earning their own paychecks as well as driving the spending of their spouses’ or influencing the purchasing decisions of companies —they have become the driving force of the economy. As a result, marketers and developers in almost every industry move quickly to create products and services with female appeal, including the gender-neutral and traditionally “male” product categories like electronics, automobiles, and finances.


It’s inevitable, as women now dominate consumer purchasing to such a degree, companies have started simply referring to consumers with the pronoun she.



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