How To Lose a Guy in 60 Seconds

The Ultimate Dating Boo Boos!

“Did you ever wonder why you lose him faster than saying, ‘check, please’?”

By iWoman Editorial Team

The internet changed the rules of social interaction. No longer are we in a world where women are expected to stay at home and wait for men to ask them for a date. And while waiting for that “guy”, we are required to read and master the dating etiquette for women to make a lasting impression to men. But society has evolved so much that the dating rules that were set in stone a mere generation ago don’t apply anymore.


Before we are carried away and think we’ll learn something on the right dating etiquette for women, please note that this article isn’t about “tips” on how to make a good impression on your first date or “tricks” in order to catch a man to make you happy. This is about how to lose your guy in 60 seconds on your first date. Follow the rules below to aid you in the demise of many relationships before they even get started. This is guaranteed to lose him faster than saying, “check please!”


Practice the art of awkward silence during your first date.


Do not show the humorous side of you. Humor is for successful social interaction. Most women (and men) use it as an icebreaker because of belief that sharing a laugh with others is a good sign that you’ve hit it off. Positive humor benefits dating and increases the chances of staying in a relationship. Humor is important in dating because it reveals something about you or your potential partner’s intelligence.


Who said you need to look your best for guy all the time?


Looks aren’t everything, and it seems like a step backwards in feminist movement to tell you to look nice for your man. Looking good is for making a good and lasting impression. If you’re interested in shaping a good relationship, by all means keep your appearance up: do dress to impress and be sure to put effort into your makeup. Otherwise, do not be obsessed over your appearance. Do you want to waste your precious date time running to bathroom to brush your hair, reapply your lipstick, or check the mirror every half hour?


Fashionably-late ideology still exists, so no need to be on time.


Yeah, we know that on a first date, you’ll make a better impression if you show up on time. Would you want them to show up late? Probably not, but you’re not the guy! A lady is never late — the guy simply arrived early.


Do check your phone every two minutes


Do not put your phone away. The act of obsessively checking your phone every now and then could be a real deal breaker. There’s nothing more rude than trying to have a conversation with a person who’s so focus on her phone screen constantly checking her Facebook timeline or posting status updates on Instagram . . . or worse tweeting about her date in real time, or taking any candid videos for Snapchat.


Do a non-stop ranting about your ex and previous dates.

If you have fallen completely head over heels for this guy, and you want to end a promising fairy tale romance — this is absolutely one of the fail-safe talking points. This is a possible biggest boo-boo that you could possibly make on your first date. You will probably scare him off, and be left wondering what went wrong.


Yes, drink as much as you can – especially if you’re not footing the bill.

alcohol-party-dinner-dateFirst dates are never easy. There are the nerves, the awkward vibes, and of course, the pre-date social media stalking. Alcohol will certainly loosen you up, help free some nervous inhibitions, and get the words flowing. This is even better than applying humor as icebreaker. You also get the chance to gauge how much of a drinker this guy is. However, do not expect that your date will go well.







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