Things You Should Never Do During Sex


“Sexual intercourse, is an intimate act that makes a person vulnerable. It inhibits pleasure to the parties involve. And because it’s the summer season, sexy times will be oozing and sizzling. But remember there are still things you should never do and should avoid at all cost during sex.”



Sexual intercourse should be pleasurable for those who are engaged in it. It is a form of expression that is generally a give and take rule. Although it makes one vulnerable since everything is out there, you are literally baring your whole body to your partner and it takes the parties involved being comfortable in each other for the sexy time to be a good experience.


But did you know that there are unsaid rules about the things you should never do during sex? Whether you have an idea or not, read further below and equip yourself with the knowledge before engaging in that hot moment.


First and foremost, never ever think that you are exempted in contracting STDs. If you are in a monogamous relationship and you are both open about your past sexual partners or have been tested for STDs then good for you. If not, practice safe sex. Use proper protection and remember the popular saying “no glove, no love”.



Speaking about condoms, never mix oil based lubes with latex condoms, you don’t want to have a condom malfunction during your sexy time. Condoms should be used with water or silicone based lubricants only. If you are feeling more adventurous and would like to try using things to spice up your sexual fantasies, you can use sex toys but never use food to stick into your vagina specifically fruits and vegetables. This is very dangerous since there might be pieces that can get stuck or could break off inside. Sex toys are there for a reason.

“No glove, no love!”


Sexual intercourse is done with a partner and it should be mutually enjoyed, with that in mind, you should never pressure your partner to finish, even if you have finished first, never push him to finish. Pressuring him can diminish the mood and make it harder for them to climax or even lose it completely. Also, do not overdo it — this goes both ways. If you are too hard and vigorous, you might give your vagina little tears. For the guys, forceful thrusting could fracture their penis. You should both know your limits and work around it. You can experiment with different positions but stop when it becomes too much to handle.



When it comes to who’s on top, keep in mind to never put all your weight on your partner. You might choke or hinder their breathing which can kill the mood. Do not bite hard, even if you are completely aroused, your partner might not be or may not be into biting. Playful biting is acceptable but make sure your partner is ready. Lastly, do not ignore the other parts of the body. Especially if you are still in foreplay, caressing and kissing can make your sexy times more spicy!

These are just few examples, other unwritten rules depends on the couple. There are no standard do’s and don’ts, what’s important is that you stay safe, have fun and be responsible.

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