Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Doctor


“When it comes to our doctors it is all about personal things and because of that we need to have to give them our full trust and confidence. For women, better relationships with their doctors equal a better health.”


By Carina Crisostomo

In the field of medicine there our doctors with their own specialties and when it comes to women, those special doctors are called the Obstetrician and Gynecologists or OB/GYN in short. An obstetrician and gynecologists are specialists for women and has expertise on matters such as pregnancy, childbirth, disorders of the reproductive system and infections of the sexual organ.

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OB/GYNs can specialize on different areas such as acute and chronic medical conditions, adolescent gynecology, behavioral problems, cancer, endocrinology, health maintenance in pregnancy and childbirth, infertility, operative gynecology and urinary tract disorders. When it comes to matters of a woman’s reproductive system, women tend to be more discreet about it, of course this doesn’t generalize everyone per se but majority of the women would like to have that certain type of relationship with their OB/GYN, for them to be able to open up about their sexual organs and all that encompasses it. That is why many women are very choosy when they choose their OB/GYN, most of which stick to their chosen doctor and will be long standing patients because they were able to build that trust and confidence for them to be able to easily convey their concerns. Building that relationship may be easier for some than others but for those who are tiptoeing into the idea and need help in building their relationship with their doctor specifically their OB/GYN below are some helpful tips.


  1. Is gender an issue? If not then you don’t have to make it an issue, but if you are more comfortable with either a female or male doctor or prefer one from the other, you may start your search from there.
  2. Remember, doctors are professionals and our bound by their oath of doctor-patient confidentiality, so do not be afraid or ashamed to communicate openly.
  3. Whenever you are set to see your doctor, be prepared, even if you have been a long standing patient of them or a new one, a doctors time is very important, they have patients constantly waiting for them to help solve their concerns, that is why, be prepared. Know and tell them everything they need to know. Example is if you need to consult on something, start with symptoms, how you feel, how long have you been experiencing it, if you have a test result they can look at to further assess your situation.
  4. Make sure to ask anything you might want to know. If necessary, list down all your questions starting with the most important. Also, if possible bring a family member or companion with you; they might have other questions you might have missed out that can help your case.
  5. Always be honest. Never lie to your doctor, lying can lead to a misdiagnosis or can affect your road to recovery. Be an open book when it comes to your doctor.
  6. Be 100% sure that you understood everything your doctor has said and promise to follow it.
  7. Give your doctor your full trust. Trust your doctor to help you. Be open to their advices. He/she is your doctor because you chose him/her.
  8. Treat your doctor as your confidant. Your doctor wants nothing but to help you be all right. Always be open and build that strong and stable relationship. Remember health is wealth, so having someone who will help keep you healthy is a great way to live.


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