Dealing with Yeast Infection


Always keep the area clean and dry. Wear clean underwear, ideally use cotton underwear or any breathable fabric.


Even if we feel like we are doing everything in our capacity to keep our vaginas clean and hygienic, no one is safe from contracting infections. Infections can range from the simplest form to the more complicated ones. A vaginal infection is never a good thing to experience.

crampsWhen it comes to our lady parts; women are more sensitive about this topic. Having any sort of complication will arise to females doubting themselves or concluding on many other matters without thinking about the main problem. Any sign of infection on the vagina, is not a simple matter, meaning, it should be treated immediately. This is for your personal relief and for your vaginas safety and overall health. The truth is and the sad part about this is not everyone is aware of what types of infections women commonly experience and what to do if you have one. Unfortunately, some may even forego treating it, thinking that it is only normal and will go away on it’s own. There are some lucky ones who beat their infections without any treatment, still, you should all be extra careful when it comes to our vagina. Curing an infection is the way to go to avoid even more serious complications.

One of the most common infections is called the yeast infection which causes itching, burning, unpleasant discharge and in some cases pain. A vaginal yeast infection is caused by a type of fungus named Candida Albicans. A yeast infection can be caused by a sudden imbalance of the microorganisms in our body. Some reasons that causes the imbalance may be due to pregnancy, medications such as birth control pills, antibiotics or steroids, diabetes, obesity, stress and lack of sleep, high sugar diet, douching, poor vaginal hygiene or often wearing clothing that keeps the vaginal area warm and moist. You know you have a yeast infection if you are experiencing the following:

  • Itching in the vaginal area and around the vulva
  • There is a burning sensation in the vaginal area
  • Your vulva is swelling
  • A white or gray vaginal discharge that is like cottage cheese with a foul smell
  • You feel pain when urination and pain during sexual intercourse.


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Treatments of yeast infections vary depending on your case, you may try some of the home remedies during early signs of yeast infections but still if home remedies doesn’t change your condition, consulting your doctor is the best remedy you can give your vagina.

  • Always keep the area clean and dry. Wear clean underwear, ideally use cotton underwear or any breathable fabric.
  • Boost your immune system by taking more nutrient rich foods and probiotics.
  • Check your medical history and your medications. Some medications can trigger an imbalance on your hormones that can trigger the infection.
  • Fight off the infection with supplements and essential oils such as apple cider vinegar, elderberry and milk thistle, boric acid, antioxidants or Vitamin C and virgin coconut oil.
  • Drink plenty of water


Do not take the symptoms for granted. Remember the vagina is a sensitive part of the body. Do everything you can do to prevent having a yeast infection or if you are experiencing the symptoms, treat it immediately!

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