Mix & Match


“ Women loves to shop, and when it comes to shopping, ladies could never have just one. But did you know that you don’t have to have a closet full of clothing to have different attires? The answer is all about investing on certain types of clothing and mixing and matching them with other items. This way will not only cost you less, it can also hone your inner fashionista.”


Women knows that one day a certain fashion is in, the next day its out and then a few years later it makes its come back. Fashion is evolving but it is also reminiscing. Although not all clothing items are used in a certain era, inspiration from the past can still be used and updated to be more in even if it is out. That is why; when you shop, you should think more practically. Do not make a decision to buy something based on what is on trend today, buy an item that you can use in multiple outfits. Look at your closet and think of ways to mix and match, you’ll be surprised on how many you can get.


A successful mixing and matching starts with the right set of clothing. Know what are the fixes you need in your wardrobe below:

  1. Your plain white and black T-shirt. This should be something that fits your perfectly and will go with multiple outfits and styles. Even wearing it alone and using simple accessories can make your plain shirt into a fashion statement.

  2. A comfortable ballet flats. Not only is it comfortable, it can also be fashion forward.

  3. A versatile blazer. This can immediately change your whole appearance.

  4. A handy all around sneakers. This is for all your casual, rugged or dressed down attires.

  5. Striped shirt. Stripes can give an extra layer into your outfits and it complements well with other items.

  6. The classic black pants. For the more dressier or corporate occasions.

  7. Classic pumps. You always need that pumps for certain attires and occasions. Choose safe colors like black, gray or nude, this colors goes well with all types of colors

  8. Denim. Dark wash denim is the way to go. It is flattering and easier to pair with.

  9. LBD or the “little black dress” that can be dressed up or down.

  10. Bags. Have one for daily and casual use, one for parties and gatherings, another for travels and something for business matters.

  11. Scarves. Have safe colors, scarves not only help keep you warm, it can also change the look of an outfit.

  12. Accessories. Choose something that complements you.


Now that you have the staples, it is time to mix and match. When mixing and matching remember to start with the base. The base is the foundation of the outfit, it serves as your canvass on what you should do to mix and match. A base can be items such as pants or a dress; the items are usually classic or neutral in color. Next stop is to add your accents. The accents are what you wear together with your base. Items such as your tops, cardigans and layering pieces like jackets. With accents, you can play more on colors that will complement your base item. Lastly, the Pop. These pieces include the accessories, belts, shoes or handbags. It may sound like small details, but the truth is it can change the whole look of an outfit. The main thing to think about when choosing your Pop pieces is the colors you used for your base and your accents and of course the use. There are times that this can be tricky, and you may overdo it, be on the safe side and go minimal if needed add more.

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