Better Sex For Menopausal Women


Sex is like a fine wine — it gets better with age! Meaning, as women age, so does their sexual confidence and appetite.


By Carina Crisostomo

Age should not be a hindrance to enjoy sex. In fact, older women become more aware of what they need in the bedroom and how to get there. They are more expressive about their sexuality and what they want out of it. Some says that women undergoing menopausal transition affects them greatly because they are experiencing uncontrollable physical changes. Usually at this stage, sex drive decreases gradually in women (and men too). However, this shouldn’t affect the overall sexuality and quality of life . . . as long as you know what to do.


It is true that vagina goes through changes during menopause — blame your tanking estrogen levels. The loss of estrogen lowers desire and decreases blood flow to the vagina, which in turn affects lubrication and arousal. Estrogen is needed to keep your vagina moist and stretchable. When estrogen is low, women may notice vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex. That is why it is recommended for menopausal women to have sex to keep their vaginas healthy.


So if your current sex isn’t the best you’ve ever had, it’s time to do something about it and improve your physical intimacy with your partner.


Use a good lubricant.

lubricantDo not be afraid to lube it up. Buy a good one and use it. A common complain of menopausal women is that they always feel dry down there. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, that is why lubricants are the way to go. Also lubricants can enhance the sexual experience and make it more comfortable for women. Menopause can make your vagina walls thinner, if a lube isn’t enough for you, therapies like estrogen therapies including topical creams can have a positive effect, but this kinds of treatments have side effects, so it is best to consult your doctor first.


Be more confident on yourself and your body.

confidentTake good care of your physical appearance. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and look after your skin. Exercise is a fantastic way to boost your body confidence (and your health, too). Menopausal women have more issues in their bodies, which makes it harder for them to have intimate relations. Undergoing menopause affects the mental state of a woman, more than their physical side.



Give the pelvic muscles a workout.

Kegel-ExercisesPelvic floor exercises, commonly called Kegel exercises, are one of the powerful ways to improve one’s sexual experience. Kegel exercises are simple exercises and they generally involve the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles – thus, strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen and can tighten the muscles on your vagina. They also help tone your pelvic floor muscles that can reduce the feeling of pain during sexual activities.


Fantasize and Experiment.

readbookRead an erotic book, watch erotic videos with your partner, fantasize and try out some sex toys for a change. Masturbating is also recommended. Masturbation relieves stress, promotes a good sleep and improves pelvic blood flow.


Consume more of those “superfoods”.

eatsuperfoodsMenopause can change your energy levels, moods; sleep pattern, stress levels and libido, eating foods that can increase your sex drive can really help. Eat more maca, blueberries, cacao, coconut, avocados and honey.


Be responsible to your own orgasm.

During and after menopause, achieving an orgasm is not longer as easy compared when you are younger. Work harder and be more patient in reaching your orgasm and try to expand your horizons for a much favorable experience. Also, you can ask your partner for more foreplay instead.


Experiment on different sexual positions.

workoutTry different sexual positions that would make you feel comfortable. Using sexual positions that are comfortable with you allow you to control the depth of penetration and minimize any physical pain that may experience resulting from sexual activities. Always tell your partner what’s comfortable and what’s not.


Keep you stress levels in check and be relaxed.

stress_management2Menopause can make one feel psychological symptoms such as mood swings, insomnia and depression that can affect a woman’s sex life. Stay in check, take time for yourself and just be happy. A happy and contented you can make you more active in bed.



Your sex life shouldn’t decline because of age. Do not be pressured with the changes that are happening during your menopausal transition, otherwise this will frustrate you and your partner and may threaten to weaken your relationship. This may be the case if there is a pattern of avoiding or ignoring your partner when he is likely to initiate sex, or if even the most romantic and relaxing getaway fails to spark any interest in being sexual.


Always remember that you are still you. You can still enjoy sex no matter what. Of course, it won’t be like your younger days but you have more experience, you know your body more and you know what you really want, so enjoy that and just be happy without thinking about your age.

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