#RelationshipGoals For Millennials


It’s time for this generation to get real about their #relationshipgoals. If they want a real relationship, they need to strive for something more important than an Instagram-worthy moments.

It is undoubtedly obvious that “dating in the past” is completely different from “dating today” – that also includes relationships. The term “millennial” has been labeled to the younger generations to date. It also defined as the Generation Y or the Net Generation. Millennials were born on the 1977 to 1995 (other sources that believe the ending cutoff for Millennials is 2000). Although the date of birth on which they were born varies and are often debated, they can easily be detected by their behaviours and lifestyles.

The millennials are those who grew up around technology, and their social life encompasses more of electronics and social network. They are ethnically diverse and have the innate capacity to follow and achieve their dreams no matter what. Some may also say that millennials feel that they are above anyone else and that they are too special. Despite the negative feedbacks, millennials are praised for their confidence and eagerness. When it comes to relationships, they tend to take it slow: they see where it goes, they don’t label things, and they just hang out.

A lot of millennials are threatening the most basic form of commitment — the relationship. They feel more comfortable in the hookup culture. Women in this new generation regard commitment as a difficult or impossible task. They’re cool with just “hanging out” instead of nurturing a budding relationship. Maybe it has something to do with having too many options and that their world have expanded. They can maintain friendships with anyone living halfway across the world. Dating has been technologically streamlined as well.

Others are still aspirating to work on “relationship goals”. A term defined in urban dictionary, which refers to a couple who are the best couple out there. They are the power couple and everyone wants to be like them. We often see the phrase “#relationshipgoals” in socialmedia –most especially with celebrity couples or popular couples in high school. We see this hashtag posted on socialmedia with photos of couples with matching sneakers or other silly coupling activities.


So, how does millennials work on their #relationshipgoals?


Get that picture perfect anytime, anywhere.


Capturing moments, places or even the food they eat are essential. The more picturesque, the better. Presentation is everything, which is why millennial couples see to it to screen each photo before uploading.


Traveling together.


This is definitely included in the to do list of a millennial couple. Couples who are going around different places (domestic or international). Traveling means that they are in a good state and that they get to experience something new together as a couple. It is also a good way to test ones compatibility and if they can cope up with the pressures of being in an unfamiliar environment and how they can enjoy each other’s company whatever the circumstances they are in.


Maching couple items.


Adorable and sweet is what it is, millennial couples see to it that they have identical items to wear or use. It is one way of expressing their affection for one another publicly. Buying items as well should be consented by each other. Of course, the time and place where they are going to use are also planned and definitely a photo documentation has to be made.



Communication is vital in keeping any relationship in tip-top shape.


Millennial couples are very communicative. Because of today’s high technology, communication is very easy and convenient. It is also evolving very quickly, offering more options for them than ever before. Now there are cellphones, tablets or computers, which allow couples to easily converse with each other. In the past, making a phone call from a dedicated landline was once the most convenient means of communication available. Today, they can send text messages, initiate calls, or even transmit video messages.


Whether a relationship is real or just for a show, it’s time for this generation to get real about their #relationshipgoals. If they want a real relationship, they need to strive for something more important than an Instagram-worthy moments. Don’t be pressured by the term. Relationships are about people. It is not about who you are, what you have, where you have been or what you are eating, it is about the persons involve, and that is what truly matters.


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