Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Ace A Job Interview

After you wowed your potential employer with your résumé and cover letter, the next step is the most critical part . . . the interview.


Inside an applicants mind, an interview is the first thing they prepare for. Admit it or not, every applicant who is about to get interviewed either gets scared or nervous, either way, everyone who wants to get the job would need to surpass it. So, if you are one of those who is preparing for an interview or would just like to be informed just in case, read further to learn more about some tips to help you in your quest for a successful interview.


  • First and foremost, never attend an interview without knowing the details of the job and the company itself. Fortunately, researching details is very easy. With just a click away you can read about everything you need to know.
  • The next tip may seem unimportant, but it never hurts to try right? Avoiding Mondays and Fridays because interviewers may be still gearing up for the week or winding down before the weekend. Also, try to avoid interviews during lunchtimes, since your interviewer may be too hungry to concentrate. This tips is just a case-to-case basis, and most applicants do not have the option of choosing their interview schedules anyway.
  • Do a dry run and review common interview questions so that you can practice on your answers. You may do this with a partner or just simply practice in front of a window. This is an effective way to hone your speaking skills and build up confidence. Also, body language is a big factor, so practicing before hand is best.
  • JobInterview3Present yourself professionally. Make sure to plan and organize your interview outfit. Make sure that what you wear represents the company you are applying to and how you want yourself to be viewed by your would be employees. Avoid eating or smoking before your interview, you should be neat.
  • Be punctual. Being late in an interview is as good as being rejected. There is no excuse and being late will give the interviewer the feeling that you are a person who doesn’t keep track of time. Being early will also help you ease into the environment, prepare you mentally and make you feel more relaxed.
  • First impressions Is very important. Always be polite and make sure to greet everyone.
  • Talk with your interviewer eye to eye, be focused and show confidence but not too much. Answer all questions truthfully and as concise as possible. You should be able to express yourself effectively to showcase your abilities to be qualified for the job you are applying for.
  • One of the most disregarded tip is the language you use. If you are asked in English be sure to respond in English. Although, depending on the job requirement or the company itself, employers may be flexible on this.
  • Only ask questions if you are asked to and if you have the chance to do so, ask insightful and appropriate questions. 
  • Promote and sell yourself in a way that they will be convinced that you are the right person for the job. Qualifying for the job is not based on your credentials alone. Your overall personality and how you presented yourself is also a basis. Make sure that you can make them believe that you are the most interested on the job and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it and learn whatever skills you have to.
  • Lastly, thank the interviewer before leaving. You may also thank them through email or postal mail.


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