Is Boob Job Safe?

With the on going upsurge of boob jobs around the world, what actually is a boob job? What does it entail and is it safe?


Today’s society is very critical on the way a woman looks, dresses and presents herself. Even if many advocates are against this trend, the ongoing obsession of looking or having something that you feel is lacking in you continues. Because there are many ways to enhance a woman’s certain feature, whether through clothing, make up or with medical procedures to enhance your features are within hands reach. One procedure that is common for women is the boob job. Whatever your ethnicity is or wherever you are, boob jobs are one of the highest cosmetic procedure women chose to have.


With the on going upsurge of boob jobs around the world, what actually is a boob job? What does it entail and is it safe? A boob job or breast implants is an operation to change the size of a woman’s breast — more common of which is to make them bigger. There are two types of implants: the saline and silicone gel. Both types have a silicone outer shell, what set them apart is what’s inside. A saline implants are filled with saline or sterile saltwater, while silicon gel implants are filled with silicon gel only. There is no 100% guarantee on which implant is safer, since all types of surgery has it’s own risks. However, both types of breast implants have pros and cons. One of the risks are ruptures, although with saline implants ruptures are easier to spot compared with silicon gel implants (ruptures are difficult to notice).


BoobJob4For the aesthetic results, silicone implants are generally preferred since they are considered more like breast tissues. Saline implants on the other hand are more prone to skin rippling. Another thing to keep in mind is that silicone gel implants contain platinum, while saline implants doesn’t. As for the surgical differences, saline implants are filled after they are implanted — making a smaller incision compared to pre-filled silicone implants. Also, saline implants can easily be adjusted even after surgery. Lastly, for eligibility, women age 18 and older are eligible to get saline implants while silicon gel implants are for 22 and older.



If and when you decide to have a boob job, just be sure to have a good, legitimate and accredited surgeon. Read and research about everything before you decide to undergo surgical procedure. Generally, it is safe if done right, just be sure you are capable and willing to shell out a large amount of money. Having a boob job, is a choice but do not expect it to look and feel like real breast, it is still different since it is an implant. While size really matters, follow your surgeon’s advice on what size is the appropriate for you. And lastly, be reminded of the fact that 25% of women who have already undergone boob jobs actually go back after 10 or so years. Breast implants do not last forever. And for those who are interested to get one, you are required to take at least a week off after the surgery. All in all, it is your body, it is your choice. Just be sure and be happy.




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