I have a small “bukol” under the skin of my pubic hair. Delikado ba?

– Bing,  24 years old, Baguio City


Dear Bing,

Women at some point develop a bump in their genital area. These bumps can be nothing, or their appearances could signal a more serious condition. Dr. Sybil Bravo says, “that small “bukol” is not too worrisome unless it grows bigger and causes pain.” It may be nothing serious, but at least it’ll put your mind at ease if you see your doctor so you can get proper diagnosis and treatment for whatever may be the cause.


Dr. Jenny Co explains further that while that small bump may not be a serious infection, you should see your gynecologist. That “small bukol” is called folliculitis — an inflammation of the hair follicles. Each hair on our body grows out of a tiny pocket called a follicle. In fact, it’s not just pubic hair. You can have folliculitis on any part of your body that has hair.


Bacteria, yeast or another type of fungus may cause folliculitis. Shaving or wearing clothes that rub the skin can irritate the follicles, which can lead to folliculitis. You may get folliculitis if you have damaged hair follicles. When the follicles are injured, they are more likely to become infected.


If you are concerned, talk to your doctor. There are several bumps and lumps that should not be ignored in the genital area.


From your iWoman Team


Sybil Lizanne R. Bravo, MD
PGH FMAB (Faculty Medical Arts Building) Room no 209
Tue & Thur 1-4pm / Wed & Sat 10am-1pm
Tel No:     (632) 7080000



Jennifer T. Co, MD
FEU-NRMF Medical Center, Room 412 Marian Medical Arts Building
Regalado St., West Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Mon & Sat 11am to 2pm / Thu 11am to 12nn
Tel No:   (632)9395449

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