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Period Feels

“ A woman’s normal body includes a normal monthly cycle accompanied by various an emotional turbulence that even if its a monthly thing it always feels like its the first time, no one really gets used to the vicious experience one gets every month.”

Part of a healthy reproductive system of a woman is having a regular monthly period but besides the usual yet normal things a woman goes through before and during her menstrual cycle, there is an up and down emotional ride that seems to get into a woman’s psyche which may or may not affect her daily life.


For women, the feels of getting a period may differ but most of the time, women experience almost the same things, that is why it also becomes a form of bonding for the female species.


Below is a list of the period feels a woman has to go through every month:


  • The uncontrollable mood swings or the premenstrual syndrome. Commonly irritability and easily angere, anxiety and sadness are part of these mood swings, and to make things worst a woman can feel all of these emotions in one day.
  • The feeling of cravings. Due to these cravings, women tends to over eat.
  • Crying without any reason or with little reasons. Because of a womans emotional instability during this phase, sensitivity is at its peak.
  • Because a woman feels so many emotions all at the same time, making decisions will be extra challenging.
  • A sudden increase in libido. The reason behind this is during a woman’s ovulatory phase, luteinizing hormone increases. This hormone signals the release of an egg to the ovaries and into the fallopian tube and during this time estradiol is present in significant quantities which interacts with other hormones causing your libido to increase.
  • Low tolerance to pain. Since your hormones are unbalanced and you are experiencing various emotions, your pain tolerance is at its lowest.


The list stated above are just some of the most common period feels a woman goes through every cycle. Fortunately, there are some ways to ease some of your feels so that you can go through every cycle more gracefully.


  • Always ensure you are eating a well balanced diet. The food you intake greatly affects the way you feel. Too much sugar or salt can make you more emotionally unstable add to that you will tend to crave more of those unhealthy food items.
  • Always get enough sleep. Sleeping gets harder just before your period, this is due to the hormone level changes. Try to adjust and sleep as much as you can or better yet sleep earlier than you would usually do. Sleep deprivation can cause more mood swings and crankiness.
  • Exercise Regularly. Exercising can reliev you from that bloated feeling and can reduce menstrual cramps. Exercising can also make you feel more happy and accomplished.


Whatever your period feels are, remember you are not alone. Every woman experiences the same thing as you do, so chin up, think positive and be ready to face every cycle like a pro.