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An overview of feminism

“In a world where females can do, achieve and be whatever they put their minds into, the lifelong battle for equality is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Feminism is a word made for women and for the women.”


Women all over the world preach about men and women as equals. It has been a struggle from earlier years, but as the world changes so does the people in it. For years women have fought for their voices, and now, even if it’s not fully in effect the changes have been seen, heard and felt all over the world.


The word feminism was derived from the word female. It is a term in which the main idea about it is equality in the rights and status of females. Feminism is focused on the issues concerning women such as those who have been hurt, those who have experienced unfair wages due to their gender or gender pay gaps, the right to vote and other political rights and the societal views about the capabilities of women.


Male equals femaleAlthough many are still confused and has little to no knowledge about what feminism is all about, some regardless of gender proclaims that they are feminist but the truth is they have no idea what it entails, rationalizing ones self should be based on facts and not here say. Below is a guide on how to know if you are actually a feminist or not.


  • You fully support the rights of all genders.
  • You are all for diversity in all aspects of life.
  • You make it a point to learn more about other things that women normally do.
  • You are sensitive and take notice about how the media portrays gender roles.
  • As a woman, you want to be acknowledged and known for what you can offer rather than how you look physically.
  • You feel belittled if someone thinks that you can’t do something because of your gender.
  • Being independent in everything is not an issue.
  • You have a high belief that women should be paid the same amount as men do.
  • You solely make plans about life and decisions.
  • Practicing all rights is a must.



Unfortunately, others still gets the wrong idea when it comes to feminist, below are some misguided statements which are “not” what feminism is all about

  • Feminist “never” said or “does not” believe that women are superior.
  • Feminism doesn’t promote hate. There are no negative or bad views about men. In fact, feminism celebrates all genders and promotes equality for all.
  • Feminism is “equality” and not “being the same”. These are different terms with different meanings.

That’s it! Feminism should not be viewed as a bad thing. It should be embraced and celebrated because of its capabilities to make everyone be heard. It is the sole embodiment of what women throughout the ages have been fighting for. Being a feminist is not only for females but for everyone who cares and loves females as well.