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-Insecurities + Confidence


“Everyone would agree that being a woman is challenging,add to that the various insecurities a woman constantly struggles upon. But despite everything, a woman perseveres and her confidence shines through, leaving those insecurities on the back seat…for a while.”


Sad but true. Everyone has their own insecurities, even if we achieve for perfection, there is no such thing. Insecurities is a feeling you can seem to get rid of. Most of the time, women are the ones most affected by this. Reasons behind this is because women are more sensitive and attentive when it comes to themselves most especially their physical appearance. The thing is a lesson we should all learn is to have negative insecurities and positive confidence.


Below are some examples of common insecurities a woman can have:


  1. Sex appeal or desirability. Being physically attractive is one thing but when a women feels that they have no attractive qualities especially towards the opposite sex, then a troubling insecurity emerges.


  1. Weight struggles. Most of the women today are not satisfied by the body they have. And because we have a standard of beauty in our minds, if we feel that we are not ideal then the insecurity about our weight comes in.


  1. These days women are becoming more and more career oriented. And when it comes to the level of competitiveness, women who feel inferior, develops their own career insecurities.


  1. Intellectual and Social life. Women have the tendency to look into someone’s life and compare it to theirs and when they think that they have opposing ideas/beliefs and less social activities, such insecurities arises.



Now that you know more about common insecurities, then it is your time to rid yourself of it and embrace more confidence. Below are some tips on how you can give yourself the confidence you deserve to have.


  1. Be familiar on what is your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strength to achieve your goals, let it help you shine through but do not be afraid of your weaknesses, learn from it, accept it and hone it so that eventually it can also be a part of your strength.


  1. Don’t be afraid to fail and expect success. Everyone fails, the only difference is how you use that failure. Without learning from your failures, success won’t be achieved. And when you reach that success you gain more confidence.


  1. Trust yourself in everything. It is in trusting that you can do anything is building your confidence.


  1. Embrace yourself. Accept the whole you inside and out. If you love yourself then you are more confident to face anything.


  1. If someone praises you accept it and be thankful. If someone says something positive about you, be sponge and absorb it. Believe and be grateful. If you do then your confidence gradually builds up.


  1. Always tell yourself that being confident is good and thinking about your insecurities will weaken you.


When it comes to insecurities and confidence, it is easier said than done. Insecurities won’t disappear, it is just a matter of you taking control of it. Take your time and eventually your confidence will grow more and more!