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5 Things Men Think About When You’re on Top

Some women would like to take control in bed, whether you prefer being on top or not, every woman wonders, what men really think when you are on top?”


By: iWoman Editorial Team

In the bedroom, women can be unpredictable. Some may like to be on top, some may not. But majority of the male species, have no complaints when it comes to women being on top. Majority of the reasons why women would prefer to stay at the bottom is because of their insecurities — and it’s always inside the woman’s head. Still, it is pure speculation since; a man’s mind is different from that of a woman. Begging the question and ending the long personal dilemmas of women being on top, the question is, what does men think about when you’re on top?


Women often overthink these kinds of stuff. You will be surprised to know the top 5 things men think about when you’re on top and would understand that it is not about whatever your insecurities are. It is about the moment the both of you are sharing.


Here are the top five things men think about when you’re on top.

  1. It gives a good view of your boobs. Men can visually appreciate a woman’s boobs in this position and it gives him pleasure that he can hold it anytime he wants.
  2. You do all the working. Having women on top makes them do the work and lets men relax and savor the feeling while watching the woman sweat it out.
  3. The fear on breaking their penis. Whether a woman is aggressive, moving hard or fast, one wrong move can cause an unwanted fracture.
  4. What can men do with their hands and where will they place it. Should they caress your boobs, hold your waist for support, spank you or just put it on the side?
  5. What’s the proper rhythm? It’s all in the communication and being in-sync. Should the woman go slow or fast?



Some of the statements, men actually say to themselves are words such as:

  • Don’t cover your boobs
  • Should I just lie here?
  • I have access to every part of you and I like it,
  • What is this stirring motion and why does it feel good?
  • My penis just popped out, who will put it back in?
  • It’s so sexy when you put your hands on my chest for leverage
  • Your hair is in my mouth
  • You look good from this angle
  • I love watching you work me out
  • Can we switch positions while I’m still inside you


See, there is nothing to think about when you are on top. Men don’t think about whatever your insecurities are. They only see you and feel you. It’s about the moment, the intercourse and not the physical. Remember, you wouldn’t be doing it if he were not attracted to you or doesn’t want to do it with you, right?