She’s a college geek, a twenty-something go-getter fashionista, a young mom driving her children to school and meeting clients in between, or a forty-something executive in a male-dominated world.


iWoman is the older version of the Power Puff Girl. She wants to be the best she can be in every area of her life. She inspires women like her to be independent and taking charge of their health and wellbeing.


  • pink-shoesShe’s in her prime – early 20’s to early 40’s – with an appreciation of who she is and what she has become.
  • She’s got a sense of confidence and the knowledge that anything is possible.
  • She is not a follower – she makes her own rules and shapes out a life that is completely her own
  • She always flaunt her mantra, “”I wear what I want when I want, and no man is going to tell me otherwise!”
  • She follows a regular skin care, beauty regimen, wellness routine and values healthcare.
  • She is a self-confessed shopaholic and likes to own unique brands.
  • She is willing to spend to feel good and look better.


And this her online magazine, produced by independent editorial team with the help of medical associations for women and other partners to inspire and to empower women readers to be independent and embrace living life to the fullest. It contains articles and stories about relationship and career, the best in fashion and beauty, their health and wellbeing, and just about everything about what women want and what they need.

iWomanPH is committed to raising awareness of women’s health and wellbeing. It delivers practical, trustworthy and useful information that motivates readers to create the world they want: healthy, happy and balanced. The team makes wellness the priority, from food and fitness, to health or beauty. Likewise, it will educate women to have skills and confidence necessary to secure a job, manage finances, and nurture inner strength, creativity and self-esteem. iWomanPH helps women to be able to go out into the world healthy and prepared to handle any challenge with skills, confidence and grace.





To our readers, iWomanPH is all about health & lifestyle and women empowerment. It delivers relevant information and views that puts health and wellness into contexts in women’s lives. It provides readers with medical content, insights from real people, breaking news and practical and useful information they can use for daily living.


We give women the information and advice they need to take better care for themselves, physically and emotionally. This section contains complete guide to looking, feeling good and healthy.



Readers get their feel of must-read articles from experts on important issues in their lives such as love and sex. This section provides the ultimate go-to guide to understanding men, dating, relationship and even safe sex.


iwoman-image03BEAUTY & STYLE

Women understand that beauty is as much about healthy lifestyle as it is about looking at their best. This section highlights the best, new products to make every woman look and feel gorgeous, and help her make smart, healthy choices.



We will provide guidance on improving women’s lives. From self-discovery to career decisions. This section provides the tools, the answers, and the solutions.



Provides a wide selection of high quality educational articles about midlife health problems and conditions including menopausal symptoms.